After Shocking Diagnosis ‘Superhero’ Entrepreneur Hopes to ‘Help Cure Cancer with Crypto’.

Rather shockingly, it’s estimated that one in two people will be impacted by cancer. This is a scary statistic that is often denied and swept under the carpet. Pop Up World’s founder, Graham Jules has personally been impacted. Last month his wife Angela was diagnosed with multiple brain tumours, only two years prior his mother passed away from the sameContinue reading “After Shocking Diagnosis ‘Superhero’ Entrepreneur Hopes to ‘Help Cure Cancer with Crypto’.”

Superhero Entrepreneur Launches Crypto for Underdog Start-ups.

Graham Jules is an entrepreneur that knows what it’s like to be an underdog. In 2016 he famously battled Superman creators Marvel and DC Entertainments Inc in a trade mark dispute over the word “Superhero” and the title of his start-up manual, “Business Zero to Superhero”. He subsequently won the dispute, his ‘Superhero’ trademark thenContinue reading “Superhero Entrepreneur Launches Crypto for Underdog Start-ups.”

SundaeSwap or Flop? – 2nd DEX launch on Cardano – But does it work?

SundaeSwap, the much anticipated DEX finally launched at 21:45 on Thurs 20th Jan 2022. In this article, I show how to use the DEX and discuss the outcome… DEXs or decentralised exchanges are a vital part of a blockchain’s ecosystem they allow for users to swap tokens and carry out transactions without the interference ofContinue reading “SundaeSwap or Flop? – 2nd DEX launch on Cardano – But does it work?”

The first DEX on Cardano – MuesliSwap – But does it work?

Decentralised Exchanges (DEX) are crucial in distributing cryptocurrencies and tokens to the masses. Traditional centralised exchanges such as Coinbase have a high bar to entry and are out of reach for smaller developers looking to promote their latest crypto project. Ethereum has a number of decentralised exchanges, including UniSwap, PancakeSwap, SushiSwap etc. All of theseContinue reading “The first DEX on Cardano – MuesliSwap – But does it work?”

Top Ten Entrepreneur Books You Should Read

Sometimes a little bit of inspiration is required on the journey to entrepreneurial greatness! Here we have a collection of ten books to help you on your way. Become a Key Person of Influence – Daniel Priestly In an increasingly competitive business landscape, this book shows in 5 simple steps how developing your personal brandContinue reading “Top Ten Entrepreneur Books You Should Read”