SundaeSwap or Flop? – 2nd DEX launch on Cardano – But does it work?

SundaeSwap, the much anticipated DEX finally launched at 21:45 on Thurs 20th Jan 2022. In this article, I show how to use the DEX and discuss the outcome… DEXs or decentralised exchanges are a vital part of a blockchain’s ecosystem they allow for users to swap tokens and carry out transactions without the interference ofContinue reading “SundaeSwap or Flop? – 2nd DEX launch on Cardano – But does it work?”

Top Ten Entrepreneur Books You Should Read

Sometimes a little bit of inspiration is required on the journey to entrepreneurial greatness! Here we have a collection of ten books to help you on your way. Become a Key Person of Influence – Daniel Priestly In an increasingly competitive business landscape, this book shows in 5 simple steps how developing your personal brandContinue reading “Top Ten Entrepreneur Books You Should Read”

Introducing the Cryptocurrency for Entrepreneurs! – Pop Up World token (PUW)

Here at Pop Up World we wanted to provide a way to reward and support entrepreneurs; The PopUpWorld token (PUW) was born! The Problem – Why Pop Up World?Pop Up World has an existing worldwide ecosystem of start-ups and small businesses that are looking for funding or are looking to expand. ( At the timeContinue reading “Introducing the Cryptocurrency for Entrepreneurs! – Pop Up World token (PUW)”

Introduction to Pop Up World

Pop Up World is a Digital Platform that aims to help businesses and start-ups reach for the stars. The concept was originally launched in London, UK 2014 as a collection of physical spaces to be used by creative people. The brainchild of author, entrepreneur and ex-music producer Graham Jules, the platform pivoted in 2020 toContinue reading “Introduction to Pop Up World”