Pop Up World and PopUpWorld Token (PUW) – How does it work?

What is Pop Up World?

Pop Up World is a digital platform that provides a series of applications for start-ups looking to grow their business. One of our main applications is Investor Connector that allows start-ups to send their pitch decks to Angel Investors and VCs.

Start-ups can use the app by sending Pop Up World Tokens (PUW) or by paying a small fee via Fiat currency.

Investor Connector https://popupworld.co.uk/investorconnector-landing

We provide a range of applications and services including, company formation, premises search, an informative blog and much more. https://www.popupworld.org

The Problem

The problem is, out of all start-ups launched, less than 1% ever receive external funding to realise their dreams. For ethnic minority founders, the figures are even lower, with less than 1%, of those 1% of founders finding success.

We launched Pop Up World and (PUW) to address these important issues. Services like our Investor Connector aims to connect start-ups with VCs and Angel Investors but we need to do more.

We want to make it easier for start-ups to launch and grow. We strongly believe that small businesses are the lifeblood of all our communities.

Unfortunately, in recent times small businesses have come under attack following the response to Covid and the cost-of-living crisis.

The Pop Up World project aims to make it easier for start-ups to access funding and essential services.

White paper:


The Solution – How to get involved?

We have created a platform for start-ups and investors that can be supported by the community. There are numerous ways a supporter can participate:

1. Supporters can participate by holding Pop Up World Tokens (PUW). Start-ups can utilise Pop Up World Tokens to access services on the platform, therefore reducing available supply. Over time this should result in appreciation of the value of PUW Tokens for supporters and holders of the PUW Token. Pop Up World Tokens are available on the four main DEXs on Cardano: Minswap, Muesliswap, Wingriders and Sundaeswap. (Click the images below to access the token):

Click here to access PUW on Minswap
Click here to access PUW on Muesliswap
Click here to access PUW on Wingriders
Click here to access PUW on Sundaeswap

2. Supporters can also earn rewards by staking in the Pop Up World Stake Pool (PUWSP). Delegators to the pool receive 40% of the rewards should we mint a block. The remaining 60% will be used to support exciting new start-ups and projects on the platform. https://popupworld.co.uk/popupworldstaking

Click here to Earn rewards by staking

3. Supporters can also support the project by purchasing our limited edition NFTs Zero To Superhero. These NFTs are ingrained in business history due to the trade mark dispute with multi-billion-dollar media company Marvel & DC Entertainment Inc which was won by the Pop Up World founder Graham Jules. These NFTs are super rare and when they are gone, there will be no more minted! https://www.jpg.store/PopUpWorld?tab=listings

Click here to access trademarked limited edition NFTs

4. Supporters can support the project by investing in exciting memberships. There are two levels of membership. Premium and Standard Membership. Becoming a member will give you Pop Up World Tokens (PUW), exclusive merchandise and access to special events, promotions and NFTs. To register your interest visit: https://www.popupworld.co.uk/popupworldtoken

Click here to access exciting memberships

It’s important to make clear that these services are not a projected roadmap and are LIVE as of today! This is a fully formed project that we aim to grow and refine with feedback from the community.

Hope to welcome you aboard!

Pop Up World

Pop Up World YouTube Reviews:

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Review. Malik Atif – Hindi -Urdu

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The Pop Up World Token is designed specifically for entrepreneurs, to store value and to utilise on our platform Pop Up World. Join the revolution in financial freedom today.

The Pop Up World Token on Cardano

Get the token on Cardano Decentralised Exchanges (DeXs), MuesliSwap, SundeSwap, Wingriders and Minswap. Or click the link here:

Get Pop Up World Token

Pop Up World token has a growing ecosystem

Earn and help support the Pop Up World Blog and entrepreneurs worldwide by joining our Pop Up World Stakepool! Go to https://popupworld.co.uk/popupworldstaking


It starts with an idea. Pop Up World is a platform that helps start-ups and small businesses reach for the stars. No matter what size you are. Use our start-up guide Business Zero to Superhero, Design your Logo. Connect with investors via our Investor Connector. You can start a Website and Domain name. You can Search for and promote your Premises. You can promote your idea for free on our Pop Up World Ads site, you can even form a Limited Company You can also join us on our journey via the Pop Up World Token (PUW).

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