Top Ten Entrepreneur Books You Should Read

Sometimes a little bit of inspiration is required on the journey to entrepreneurial greatness! Here we have a collection of ten books to help you on your way. Become a Key Person of Influence – Daniel Priestly In an increasingly competitive business landscape, this book shows in 5 simple steps how developing your personal brandContinue reading “Top Ten Entrepreneur Books You Should Read”

How Can I Get Funding to Finance my Project?

Ok, so you have a great idea, done your research and you’re certain it’s going to fly. But how do you secure the cash to get it off the ground without robbing a bank? Well, there are multiple options depending on your circumstances and the type of business you are looking to run. Here weContinue reading “How Can I Get Funding to Finance my Project?”

Introduction to Pop Up World

Pop Up World is a Digital Platform that aims to help businesses and start-ups reach for the stars. The concept was originally launched in London, UK 2014 as a collection of physical spaces to be used by creative people. The brainchild of author, entrepreneur and ex-music producer Graham Jules, the platform pivoted in 2020 toContinue reading “Introduction to Pop Up World”

What Does it Mean to Found a Company?

Founding a company means launching or starting a business with the intention of making revenue. This could be on your own or with a co-founder(s). Ideally, it would be advantageous to found your company legally by incorporating it. Incorporation is a legal means of forming a new business. The incorporated business exists as a legalContinue reading “What Does it Mean to Found a Company?”