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Why is Crypto Crashing?

Cryptocurrency is often lauded by its enthusiastic followers as the alternative safe haven, the digital gold, the inflation hedge for the masses. Well if that’s so why is it crashing? This article will take a look at the reasons. Crypto is so volatile that the lure of quick and easy gains is often too easyContinue reading “Why is Crypto Crashing?”

After Shocking Diagnosis ‘Superhero’ Entrepreneur Hopes to ‘Help Cure Cancer with Crypto’.

Rather shockingly, it’s estimated that one in two people will be impacted by cancer. This is a scary statistic that is often denied and swept under the carpet. Pop Up World’s founder, Graham Jules has personally been impacted. Last month his wife Angela was diagnosed with multiple brain tumours, only two years prior his mother passed away from the sameContinue reading “After Shocking Diagnosis ‘Superhero’ Entrepreneur Hopes to ‘Help Cure Cancer with Crypto’.”

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