Superhero Entrepreneur Launches Crypto for Underdog Start-ups.

Graham Jules is an entrepreneur that knows what it’s like to be an underdog. In 2016 he famously battled Superman creators Marvel and DC Entertainments Inc in a trade mark dispute over the word “Superhero” and the title of his start-up manual, “Business Zero to Superhero”. He subsequently won the dispute, his ‘Superhero’ trademark then officially registered, resulting in worldwide media attention.

Fast forward six years and Jules has launched another venture squarely aimed at assisting the underdog. Traditionally start-ups have had to seek disparate sources to launch and grow but maybe not anymore.  His venture, a digital platform called, Pop Up World ® aims to connect budding entrepreneurs with various apps and services including access to VCs and Angel Investors, his aforementioned start-up guide, and most interestingly a cryptocurrency token called PUW (PopUpWorld Token).

Jules explained, “The problem is, out of all start-ups launched each year, only 1% of those start-ups ever achieve any external funding. For ethnic minority or female founders, the figures are even lower with only 1% of that 1% ever achieving external funding. We previously launched our Investor Connector app on Pop Up World to help connect start-ups with Angel Investors and VCs but we need to do more”.

Cue the PopUpWorld Token (PUW), a native token on the Cardano blockchain. Obviously, cryptocurrency is all the rage at the moment but crypto is notoriously volatile, how can a start-up hope to achieve any benefit from this digital token?

“It’s relatively simple”, said Jules, “A start-up gets rewarded with PUW each time they use key services on Pop Up World. They can then trade their collected PUW for other services or trade them on Decentralised Exchanges (DEXs) for other tokens, namely ADA (A Cardano native asset), that can be easily converted to currency, GBP or USD”. He continued, “Yes, crypto is volatile but if we can achieve significant liquidity in the PopUpWorld Token, we would be able to reward start-ups and fully fund their projects in the near future”.

“This is obviously ground-breaking; it would mean for the first time start-ups would be able to access funding without complicated raises or investment rounds. The Pop Up World community would decide which start-ups they will support”.

In effect, the PopUpWorld Token acts as a “Social Token” that its followers can collect and exchange for rewards. But can non-entrepreneurs benefit from this?

Jules replied, “Potentially, yes. If an individual believes in this project, they can purchase PopUpWorld Token on DEXs such as MuesliSwap,  Minswap or on the Pop Up Worldplatform. If the price were to rise, you could sell PUW for a potential gain. It should be remembered, however, that this is a project to help entrepreneurs and as such it’s a high-risk venture with no built-in guarantee of returns.”

A quick glance on MuesliSwap shows that the PopUpWorld Token has a supply of 77 billion PUW and a Market Cap of 20 million ADA (approximately $14 million Dollars) at the time of writing. So, it’s very early days.

Jules concluded, “Yes, it’s early days but we’ve been working hard on building a solid foundation for the future. I strongly believe the underdog can win once more!”

Well, you have to admire the guts of this underdog, but the crypto world is dog littered with promising projects that are now no more. Here’s hoping this underdog’s project is not just a stifled dog whimper and its bite is truly stronger than its bark.

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It starts with an idea. Pop Up World is a platform that helps start-ups and small businesses reach for the stars. No matter what size you are. Use our start-up guide Business Zero to Superhero, Design your Logo. Connect with investors via our Investor Connector. You can start a Website and Domain name. You can Search for and promote your Premises. You can promote your idea for free on our Pop Up World Ads site, you can even form a Limited Company You can also join us on our journey via the Pop Up World Token (PUW).

Pop Up World Token

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