Pop Up World Founder Battled Superman Creators To Release NFT – Zero To Superhero

Time travel back to 2014, a budding entrepreneur, Graham Jules attempted to release his start-up manual, Business Zero To Superhero. Marvel and DC Entertainment launched a legal dispute over the title of the book, due to the word ‘Superhero’ in the title.

Marvel claimed copyright infringement due to their trademark ‘Superheroes’. Jules claimed the word was generic and in the public domain. The battle commenced.

After two years of legal wrangling, Marvel and DC backed down in 2016. Jules was finally able to register his trade mark “Zero to Superhero” and release the book.

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Jules battled Marvel & DC for two years to finally win Trade mark.

Jump forward to 2023, Jules is the founder of Pop Up World, a digital platform that aims to help budding entrepreneurs and start-ups “reach for the stars”. The platform has gained significant traction via its Cardano-based token (PUW) launched in 2021.

The latest development on the platform is an NFT collection based on the book Business Zero To Superhero by the founder himself. As highlighted, the book received major notoriety and worldwide media exposure after a trade mark dispute with multi-billion dollar media company and Superman creators, Marvel & DC Entertainment.

The official trade marked collection features full classic comic book pages and images from the book. The NFTs are strictly limited and feature full pages of comic book stories including text and speech bubbles.

Jules says, “I’m passionate about helping the unrepresented underdogs win! It’s been a huge battle to get this far but the sale of these NFTs can help us grow the platform and continue to help launch exciting projects and entrepreneurs via Pop Up World.”

NFTs can be found exclusively on the Cardano NFT marketplace Jpg.store for a limited period only.

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Zero To Superhero!

For more information on Pop Up World:

Zero To Superhero marketplace on jpg.store:


PUW Token:


Cardano stake pool (PUWSP):


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