How to get the PUW token or any other Cardano token – 2 easy steps.

Sourcing new tokens on the Cardano blockchain has never been easier, in a few clicks you can have hot tokens sitting in your wallet. Here goes.

So, if you are new to crypto Cardano is a cryptocurrency blockchain created by ex-Ethereum co-founder, Charles Hoskinson. The native token for Cardano is Ada. Ada can be used much like a digital currency to transact on the network. The great thing about Cardano is developers can create (mint) their own tokens within the Cardano ecosystem. These tokens can be used to pass value to users, members or associates. Cardano tokens can be bought and exchanged (swapped) on platforms called decentralised exchanges or DEXs. Money can be made by buying and selling tokens on DEXs and keeping any profit.

PUW is a token created by Pop Up World founder Graham Jules. The token is essentially a cryptocurrency for entrepreneurs that allows users to transact on the platform Pop Up World, enabling them to access apps, store value and fund their projects. As discussed, it is possible to buy and sell PUW and retain profit.

If you are new to crypto DEXs may be a bit overwhelming so we are going to show you a quick method to get your hands on the Pop UP World Token (PUW) and any other token on the Cardano network.

Step 1:

First, you will need some ADA.

Go to:

And create a new wallet. Click (CREATE ADD WALLET) in the top left corner.

You can simply purchase ADA within the wallet by clicking BUY ADA in the top right of your wallet page.

That’s it, the first step is done!

(Note, there is a minimum spend here of around $30). If you don’t want that much ADA go to and create an account and purchase ADA there.

If you use Coinbase you will need to send your purchased ADA to your Eternl wallet by clicking SEND and RECEIVE in the top right-hand corner of Coinbase. Select the Asset you want to send in the menu (Cardano ADA) and enter your wallet receive address in the “To” field and click Continue.

Ensure you have entered the correct receive address or your ADA will be lost forever!

The advantage of doing everything in the Eternl wallet is you avoid all the faff of moving ADA around and the possibility of mistakes. So if you are new to crypto or Cardano we suggest you buy your ADA directly in the wallet.

Step 2:

Click on SWAP near the top middle of your wallet screen.

You will see the “SWAP TOKENS” page. Here you will swap your ADA just purchased for PUW tokens. Under “Swap to”, click “Click to select” and type PUW in the search box and then select.

Select “SWAP” and that’s it!

You now have the Pop Up World (PUW) token in your wallet, welcome aboard!

This article is not financial advice and is created for educational purposes only. You should do your own research when investing in cryptocurrency or any other financial assets. Crypto can go down as well as up in value.

The Pop Up World Token is designed specifically for entrepreneurs, to store value and to utilise on our platform Pop Up World. Join the revolution in financial freedom today.

The Pop Up World Token on Cardano

Get the token on Cardano Decentralised Exchanges (DeXs), MuesliSwap, SundeSwap, Wingriders and Minswap. Or click the link here:

Get Pop Up World Token

Pop Up World token has a growing ecosystem

Earn and help support the Pop Up World Blog and entrepreneurs worldwide by joining our Pop Up World Stakepool! Go to


It starts with an idea. Pop Up World is a platform that helps start-ups and small businesses reach for the stars. No matter what size you are. Use our start-up guide Business Zero to Superhero, Design your Logo. Connect with investors via our Investor Connector. You can start a Website and Domain name. You can Search for and promote your Premises. You can promote your idea for free on our Pop Up World Ads site, you can even form a Limited Company You can also join us on our journey via the Pop Up World Token (PUW).

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