Artificial Intelligence in Business – How Can it Help Your Start-Up in Real Terms?

So, we keep on hearing the buzz words Artificial Intelligence and AI. Is this just sci-fi dreaming or can artificial intelligence be used by normal businesses to boost productivity and sales? In this article, we look at real-world uses for Artificial Intelligence in business (AI) that you can use today.

First, before we take a look at some of its real-world uses, we need to understand what artificial intelligence or AI actually is. Artificial Intelligence is a computer algorithm that aims to simulate how the human brain works by utilising artificial neurons that can be trained to approximate the way humans solve problems.

It’s important to understand that AI algorithms do not need a programmer as such. A programmer would traditionally write lines of code for every conceivable situation but instead, the algorithm is ‘trained’ with a series of examples and much like a human it will learn from those examples and output an answer based on what it has learned.

What this means in real terms is that the bigger the dataset the AI algorithm is trained on, the more useful the applications and answers it will deliver. The downside is that many AI algorithms are a ‘black box’ that can at times give unexpected results.

Open AI

Open AI – Artificial Intelligence

Open AI is a not-for-profit research lab that specialises in the field of artificial intelligence. Founded by Elon Musk, Sam Altmanllya, Greg Brockman, Wojciech Zaremba and John Schulman the lab has a for-profit arm, that releases access to its algorithm for a fee to the public.

In June 2020 Open AI launched GPT-3. GPT-3 is a neural network trained on internet data that can generate any type of text. The algorithm was trained on trillions of phrases from the internet.

So what can GPT-3 be used for?


What if you have loads of customer feedback and you need a way to extract the sentiment of the feedback from the text? GPT-3 can do that. Viable is an app based on GPT-3 that can analyze customer feedback and give insights into reams of feedback data.

Pop Up World’s – AI Creator

Pop Up World’s – AI Creator

Got a start-up idea but can’t think of a catchy name? GPT-3 can do that. Pop Up World’s AI Creator is based on the GPT-3 algorithm. It just needs a description of your start-up idea and it will generate a snappy name, strapline, description and logo suggestions.


Need to write marketing copy? GPT-3 can do that. Jasper will take a brief description of your product and create marketing copy based on that information. Jasper can help with writing blog posts, articles and even books.


Need to write code? Write the code in English and GPT-3 will translate into executable code.

These are just a few examples but apparently, there are over 300 apps utilising GPT-3 and you can easily build your own with minimal programming skills. If you need to process and evaluate text in any way GPT-3 can more than likely help. Free access is available at the following link.


So GPT-3 has it covered for text but what about images? Is there any way an algorithm can create pictures from a simple text description? The answer is a resounding yes. Launched in January 2021 Open AI’s Dall-E allows users to do just that. The recent update Dall-E 2 is truly incredible. Just enter brief text of your required image and DALL -E will create a photograph, a line drawing or even a painting of your requested text.

The uses are far-reaching. Book illustrations, blogs, tweets, and Instagram posts all can be generated automatically with no need for artistic talent and minimal creativity.

The obvious question is what does this mean for visual artists and photographers? The general answer is increased competition. Although, simple images are straightforward to create using DALL -E 2 more complex compositions can be difficult to pin down. Image libraries could be seriously disrupted in future though.

Here are two quick examples of what Dall -E 2 can do:

The prompt: painting of an entrepreneur talking to a huge robot

The prompt: painting of an entrepreneur talking to a huge robot

The prompt: Photo of an entrepreneur talking to a huge robot

The prompt: Photo of an entrepreneur talking to a huge robot

Access to Dall- E 2 is via a waiting list. You can apply at the link below:

Apps like Synthesia can help content creators convert text into video. Videos include the creation of digital actors or avatars that can perform the content for you. Videos are known to create much more engagement, so this type of content creation is not only a huge time saver for start-ups but could potentially increase enquiries and sales.

(An example video of the first few lines of this Blog post using Synthesia and AI avatar. So we keep on hearing the buzz words Artificial Intelligence and AI. Is this just sci-fi dreaming or can artificial intelligence be used by normal business to boost productivity and sales? )

Final thoughts

The progress of artificial intelligence marches on at an ever-increasing pace. Entrepreneurs will need to keep abreast of developments in order to avoid entering markets that are to be heavily disrupted by the new technology. Start-ups should aim to incorporate the technology to allow for new and more efficient services for their users.

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