How to List your Cardano Token on MuesliSwap

In one of my previous articles, I discussed how to create a cryptocurrency token on the Cardano blockchain. In this article I show how to get your shiny new token listed on a DEX (Decentralised Exchange).

OK, so you have your token, great. But the problem persists, how do you get it out to the masses. Listing on a DEX has the advantage of allowing members of the public to freely buy and sell your token. Previously, there were no DEXs launched on the Cardano blockchain. Fortunately, Cardano has recently seen a surge of DeFi (Decentralised Finance) activity and a number of DEXs have launched since the previous article mentioned. So far, MuesliSwap has proved all the detractors wrong and the underdog DEX appears to be going from strength to strength. But how do we get listed? Here we go…

First things first there are two ways to get listed. The first method involves submission and selection by the MuesliSwap team and the second is self-submission directly to the DEX. In this article, we cover both methods.

Method 1.

You will need a GitHub account. Navigate to:

You will need to carry out a Pull Request on GitHub and upload an image and JSON file containing information for your token. The JSON should include the name of your token, Policy ID and ticker symbol. Below is an example.

“policyId”: “87a59599f8f47db431de642329a275cd4b297f21f1517af9db442cee”,
“name”: “PopUpWorld”,
“symbol”: “PUW”,
“website”: “”,
“description”: “Pop Up World Token – Introducing the PopUpWorld (PUW) Token
A Cryptocurrency Token for Entrepreneurs.”,
“totalSupply”: 77776000000,
“amounts”: [1, 10, 100, 1000, 10000, 100000]

Once submitted, the MuesliSwap team will verify and list your token on the site.

***Stop Press: This method has been withdrawn and states “This repository is now obsolete“.

You are now required to get verified once you have submitted your token to the DEX directly yourself using method 2:

Method 2.

Using this method you should navigate to the MuesliSwap site at and click on Community on the left-hand side.

Community section – MuesliSwap

You will need the PolicyID and AssetName for your token. Navigate to

Your PolicyID and TokenName can be found on the for your token:

Next, in the Search bar on the MuesliSwap site enter the policy ID of your token and the token name in the following format.

Policy ID.TokenName

For example: 87a59599f8f47db431de642329a275cd4b297f21f1517af9db442cee.PopUpWorld

MuesliSwap search

On entering the information above the DEX will import your token into the site.

MuesliSwap Token listing

Unfortunately, although the token has been successfully imported a banner stating “This token is unverified” will be displayed across the listing.

If you want to verify your token you will need to go through another process.

Token Verification.

You will need to navigate to the following GitHub repository:

You will then submit as in Method 1 a JSON file <PolicyID>.<TokenName>.json containing the following information (substitute your own values):

“policyId”: “87a59599f8f47db431de642329a275cd4b297f21f1517af9db442cee”,
“name”: “PopUpWorld”,
“symbol”: “PUW”,
“website”: “;,
“description”: “Pop Up World Token – Introducing the PopUpWorld (PUW) Token
A Cryptocurrency Token for Entrepreneurs.”,
“totalSupply”: 77776000000,
“amounts”: [1, 10, 100, 1000, 10000, 100000]

Next, you need to submit an image file of your token in the following format.


And then send a 50 ADA verification fee to the following address:


MuesliSwap state that verification does not guarantee inclusion on the featured page and that there are minimum requirements to get verified.

Requirements for verification include:

a) A functional website.

b) A token description.

c) Tokenomics.

d) Contact information (Twitter, Email etc).

e) Policy ID on your website.

Final Steps.

Once your verification is complete you can create some Sell Orders on MuesliSwap so users can buy your token. Just click ‘Sell’ (Red Button) and name your price!

Create sell orders on MuesliSwap

That’s it!

Pop Up World Token (PUW) is a cryptocurrency for entrepreneurs full details can be found at

PUW can be purchased directly on our site

or on MuesliSwap

It starts with an idea. Pop Up World is a platform that helps start-ups and small businesses reach for the stars. No matter what size you are. Use our start-up guide Business Zero to Superhero, Design your Logo. Connect with investors via our Investor Connector. You can start a Website and Domain name. You can Search for and promote your Premises. You can promote your idea for free on our Pop Up World Ads site, you can even form a Limited Company You can also join us on our journey via the Pop Up World Token (PUW).

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is puwlogocropped.png
Pop Up World Token

My name is Graham Jules, founder of Pop Up World. and Pop Up World Token

Graham Jules – Pop Up World

If you enjoyed this article please remember to like and subscribe for regular entrepreneur news on Pop Up World. Feel free to visit us on



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