Free Tools for Landlords

In this article, we take a look at some free tools for landlords. If you rent out property you can utilise these to run your business more efficiently.

Free places to market your premises.

Free premises promotion

Craigslist – Is a worldwide classified website that has an extensive property section.

Zillow – Is a free rental site with over 1 million daily visitors – USA site.

Pop Up World – Landlord Site – A worldwide free listing site for commercial premises targeting start-ups and small businesses. Unlimited free listings.

Tools for calculating a fair market rent.

Rental Value Tools

Open Rent – UK rental value by postcode

Rentometer – USA rental value by postcode

Property management software.

Free property Management Software

Stessa – Rental property finances made simple – real estate investors can easily maximize profits through smart money management, automated income and expense tracking, personalized reporting and more. USA site.

Rentila – Rentila is an easy to use, free, cloud-based property management software. Key features like tenancy management, accounting, tasks, landlord responsibilities and much more. UK Site.

Property Hawk – Property Manager 3s

Launched back in 2006, this landlord software has been free to use ever since. They claim time to have helped over 80,000 users manage their rental properties. UK site.

Online payment collection.

Online payment collection for Landlords

Cozy –– List, screen, lease, and accept online payments. USA site.

Free rental agreements from Law Depot.

Free legal agreements

USA commercial lease agreement

UK commercial lease agreement

Residential USA agreement

Residential UK agreement

The electronic signing of contracts.

Electronic signatures

DocuSign – 30-day free trial electronic document signing.

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