Start-Ups – We List the Largest Investment Companies Worldwide

So you have developed your idea, have a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) and maybe a little bit of traction. But the question remains, where to send your shiny new pitch deck? This month I’ve compiled a list of venture capital firms worldwide for all budding entrepreneurs who wish to take the plunge and get their ideas tested by the big boys and girls. This article will cover the USA, UK, Europe, India, Africa and Australia.

Remember, this is not a complete list of every company that invests in early-stage ventures. If you want to send to a number of investment companies in one hit, take a look at Pop Up World’s Investor Connector. Investor Connector will help you blast your pitch deck to 800+ investment firms worldwide.

USA Investment Firms

Baseline Ventures

Baseline has invested in a number of well-known software and web companies including Instagram and Twitter.


Benchmark has invested in companies like eBay, Uber and WeWork.

Canvas Ventures

Canvas Ventures say they are the “Boutique Firm for visionary builders”. Focuses mainly on Series A

Greylock Partners

Greylock boasts to be one of the oldest VCs, founded in 1965. Past investments have included Dropbox, Coinbase and Airbnb.

Lightspeed Venture Partners

Over the last twenty years, Lightspeed has invested in over 400 companies including Snapchat.

UK Investment Firms

Balderton Capital

Founded in 2000 and based in London Balderton has invested in companies like Revolut and CityMapper.


LocalGlobe claims to have invested in 45 early-stage start-ups in the last 3 years. Investments have included TransferWise and Zoopla.

Octopus Ventures

Octopus’s website states, “We help pioneers change the world”. They have invested in the likes of LoveFilm, Secret Escapes and Graze.

Passion Capital

Since 2011 Passion Capital have invested in 82 early-stage start-ups, including companies such as DueDil and Adzuna.


This investment company states that; ” We back world-class entrepreneurs before their success is known to others.” They are based in London and invest Europe-wide.

European Investment Firms

360 Capital

Based in Italy, their website states, “We invest in the future now”. Seed to Series A/B.

AWS Gründerfonds

Based in Austria this VC Invests in high-growth startups in their later seed and early-stage.

Capricorn Partners

Based in Belgium, Capricorn Partners invests in, “promising companies with technological advantages in sustainable chemistry, clean-tech, health tech., digital technology, artificial intelligence”.

Fielder Capital

Invests in Baltic and Central and Eastern European startups. Based in Austria.

Hummingbird Ventures

Based in London and Antwerp, Belgium. The website states; “Hummingbird Ventures is an agile investor in entrepreneurial genius”. Invested in Deliveroo.

Indian Investment Firms

Helion Venture Partners

Based in Mauritius Helion is an India focused venture fund that invests in early to mid-stage companies.

Kalaari Capital

Kalaari prefers to be the first institutional funding for founders.

Nexus Venture Partners

Launched in 2006, Nexus invests in the US and India. They invest in seed and Series A rounds.

Sequoia Capital India

Located in Central Delhi, Sequoia is the Indian branch of the US venture capital fund.

African Investment Firms

Beyond Capital Fund

Based in New York, Beyond invests in “for-profit social enterprises with sustainable business models that are focused on improving the lives of people living at the bottom of the economic pyramid in India and East Africa.”

EWB Ventures

Based in Canada, EWB aims to invest in start-up businesses in sub-Saharan Africa. The fund is sector agnostic.

LeapFrog Investments

LeapFrog invests in extraordinary companies in Africa and Asia.

Novastar Ventures

Novastar invests in founders building businesses in East or Anglophone West Africa.

Outlierz Ventures

Based in Morocco, Outlierz invests in early-stage companies that are using technology to transform economies in Africa.

Australian Investment Firms

Blackbird Ventures

Based in Australia and New Zealand, Blackbird invests from pre-seed to pre-IPO.

Brandon Capital Partners

Brandon Capital Partners supports life science companies from proof-of-concept through to commercialisation.

GBS Ventures

Invests in life science companies with an Australian presence. Early to later-stage investments.

Square Peg Capital

Their website states; “Our purpose is to empower entrepreneurs in Australia, Israel and South East Asia”.

And that’s it! Thanks for reading and I hope you found it useful. For a more comprehensive list check out Pop Up World’s Investor Connector

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This article was written by Graham Jules LL.B, author of Business Zero To Superhero and founder of Pop Up World. Pop Up World is a platform that helps entrepreneurs reach for the stars! Via various services such as Investor Connector, Logo Design, Pitch Deck Creation, Company Name AI Generator and more.

Graham Jules – Author and Entrepreneur

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