How to Create a Pitch Deck Entrepreneurs?

A pitch deck is a visual presentation of your business. Entrepreneurs, your pitch deck should present your business proposal in an attractive way and aims to entice a potential investor to hold a further conversation or to invest.

Your pitch deck should contain 12-15 slides (usually created on PowerPoint but there are alternatives which provide templated content).

  1. Main Strapline and Logo.
  2. The Problem
  3. The Solution
  4. The Market
  5. The Competition
  6. Marketing
  7. Roadmap
  8. Case Studies
  9. Financials
  10. Business Model
  11. The Team
  12. Investment Opportunity.

Slide 1.

Slide 2.

  • The problem. Here, you need to state the problem you are trying to solve. This is important to potential investors as they will want to see there is a genuine problem that your start-up addresses.

Slide 3.

  • The solution you are offering. Provide information on how your start-up addresses the problem stated above.

Slide 4.

  • The Market. The investor will want to see there are enough people in your sector in order to create a viable business. You should state the size of the market and demographics you intend to target. A graphic representation of TAM, SAM, SOM may be useful (Total Addressable Market, Serviceable Available Market, and Serviceable Obtainable Market).

Slide 5.

  • Competition. You should state who offers services similar to yours. Do not state there is no competition! This is a red flag to investors.

Slide 6.

  • Marketing/ Sales strategy. Tell the investor how you intend to acquire customers.

Slide 7.

  • Milestones/Roadmap. Tell the investor key moments in your start-ups growth for example; acquire 1000 users.

Slide 8.

  • Case Studies. If you have existing customers you should provide examples of how your customers use your product or service successfully.

Slide 9.

  • Financials. State your revenue, profit/losses over three to five years preferably in a graph.

Slide 10.

  • Business model. How you intend to make money eg. Subscriptions, Advertising, Software as a Service (SaaS) etc.

Slide 11.

  • The Team. Give information and background about yourself and team members with pictures.

Slide 12.

  • Investment opportunity and exit strategy. State how much money you are looking for and indication as to how the potential investor will make their money back. i.e. IPO or trade sale.

You can create your Pitch deck here on Pop Up World

Once you have your finished pitch deck you can send it to investors here.

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